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MaVie Lifestyle Community has an Integrated Lifestyle Optimization solution on health, leisure and benefit segments. You can join us to be the Lifestyle Associate to accelerate others living satisfaction. If you are passionate about sharing experience and wants to open up a world of personalized solutions by connecting people, you can experience an enrichment of life as it is meant to be lived with the support of a global community of visionaries, like-minded people, just like you.

As a Direct Selling company, we wanted to take our passion one step further and empower anyone who wishes to truly personalize all aspects of their life…… Health, Wealth and of course Leisure;

By offering a suite of amazing products from multiple trillion-dollar industries we are confident MaVie will empower, enhance and customize your individual lifestyle.

Together; Mavie are committed to creating a like-minded community of fun loving, health conscious individuals who enjoy living life on their terms!


What makes a MaVie Lifestyle Associate?

Contact us now if you’ve checked yes to all the above. We can’t wait to have you onboard with us.

Be A Lifestyle Associate!

If you are active or recently resigned from another direct sales or network marketing company you need to verify that you do not have any contractual obligations to any company that would preclude you from joining or participating in any way with the MaVie brand and Advanced Wellness Solutions. Please be advised that we are not here to recruit, solicit, encourage or convince you to join the MaVie brand or Advanced Wellness Solutions. The MaVie brand and Advanced Wellness Solutions does not want and is not encouraging you to leave any company you are currently working with or to take any action that could potentially interfere with any obligations you may have to another company. Thank you!

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To be the premier personalised lifestyle provider in the world.

LIFE.....Only Better.