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Benefits Galore with dnalifestyle

Imagine a global online shopping mall with thousands of well-known brands and products catered to your needs and enjoyment.
Every purchase made at our global online shopping mall can earn you the best rewards and benefits when you are onboard our MaVie membership.
Needless to say, you can shop whenever you want, wherever you want, even in your PJs. And unlike traditional malls, we are open for you 24/7.

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It’s easy.
Just scroll through the exclusive collection
Login to your MaVie account and enter our Vie Mall for a unique online shopping experience
Take advantage of the fantastic deals with thousands of famous brands under dnalifestyle

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Go to Vie Mall to shop.

Vie Dollar is credited to your account.

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Buy Within Your Circle of Community

This is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience where we curate a host of brands and products based on the network of merchants near your living community or when you travel around the world.
Enjoy the exclusive services designed and hosted by the network of merchants that are specially catered for the local communities.
This provides a native feel to the shopping experience which makes it easily accessible for those living in the community while creating a more intimate interaction between the merchants and the buying community.

The More You Shop, The More You Earn

That’s right.
All MaVie Customers can access dnalifestyle where you have access to a high-value rewards program offering Vie Dollars where you can earn as you shop, and you can spend the Vie Dollars earned at our MaVie Reward Program to enjoy purchase benefits.
Vie Dollars can be used for special reward prices only for MaVie Customers. Now, didn’t we say membership has its privileges! You are welcome.

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