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Your DNA Discovery journey starts here:

MaVie’s exciting DNADiscovery allows you to customise a personal journey across the Globe.

Where in the world will your DNA profile take you?

Imagine visiting a destination you’d never even heard of, yet a place intrinsically linked to your very own heritage, a true discovery of your family roots....

Imagine a world where we tailor your next adventure based on your own DNA profile…

A holistic journey embracing yoga in the clouds of Nepal… Fitness boot camps on the beaches of Bali… Healthy, nourishing cookery classes in the far corners of Europe.

Never before have you been able to experience such unique customised leisure activities and personalised destinations.

DNADiscovery is your perfect personalised experience partner

Discover Yourself

Understanding your DNA uncovers more than just where you’re from, it allows us to tailor a personalised map for you to experience new cultures, new communities and connect you with a global community of likeminded people.

As Individual As You Are

We know your different, that’s why we encourage you to explore your origins through our unique experiences.

MaVie doesn’t only provide you with an insight into your genetic makeup, we help you realise just how distinctive you are by packaging personal experiences aligned to your DNA.
Whether it’s a path to wellness, a weight loss themed experience or tracking down your ancestry… Start your DNA Adventure today.

DNA Adventures

Intrigued by what secrets are contained in your DNA Profile? Follow our MaVie Customers and Associates around the Globe as they share their DNA Adventures online with you. From exotic locations to tracking down their family history, our community are more excited than ever to share their personal journeys with you.

DNA Discovery Inclusive

Your MaVie Customer Membership provides exceptional value with fully inclusive access to all the products and services within our DNADiscovery brand.

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