Our Story

Our story started after meeting thousands of people who felt their lives were stagnant and unfulfilled, we began to innovate and aimed to optimize the lifestyles of our customers through formulating integrated lifestyle solutions that are personalized right down to their DNA.

Our story began in 2010 with our founder’s personal journey and exploration into the science around human DNA possibilities. A natural passion for wellness combined with the realisation that Personalisation and Customisation are at the forefront of global society and community trends; this led our visionary founder to create MaVie.
The next 8 years saw us make a multi-million-dollar investment to take the worlds most advanced human science technology (DNA) and make it accessible to every person on the planet. Through years of research across multiple continents and dozens of laboratories, MaVie customers can now access this science and health products to customise their own wellness; based on their own personal genetic makeup.

Together, we at MaVie, are committed to lead both the company and the community by inspiring, transforming and equipping people around the world to live a life as “Life… Only Better!”

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To be the premier personalised lifestyle provider in the world.

LIFE.....Only Better.