Personality & Inborn Talents

Get to know your mood, natural abilities and aptitudes.

Happiness is a state of mind and maybe the state of your genes. Look inward and connect with your inner-self. Get a glimpse into how your DNA affects how you think, feel, act and react. If you ever wondered about the links between your personality and your genes, this report is for you.

Everyone knows that our environment and our experiences play a major role in shaping who we become. But recent studies have shown that much of who we are—our talents, personality traits, even our behavior—is also determined at a molecular level. Now, you can get more insights about your natural abilities and aptitudes, allowing you to finally answer the nature vs nurture question.

Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 30 DNA variants

Social behavior and Social Relationships
Are you born to be a social butterfly? Do you have increased empathy, putting yourself on your friends' position, sharing their feelings?

Impulsiveness- taking risky decision
Are you a thrill seeker? We test certain genes that can impact impulsive behavior.

Social stress Response-Anxiety
Are you a warrior or a worrier? Learn how your genes may affect your response to stress.

Hyperactivity/attention control
Can you sit properly and listen to someone’s speech attentively? Can you pay attention in class?

Are you an aggressive person with your own goals and personal achievements in life?

Harm Avoidance
Are you born to be an optimistic or pessimistic person?

Vulnerability to Addictions: smoking, alcohol, caffeine, food(hyperphagia)
Are you easily to be addicted to smoking, alcohol or caffeine? Are you more prone to over eating?

High IQ
Are you born to have a higher Intelligent quotient than others?
Educational Attainment
Are you more likely to attain a higher achievement in education?

Educational Attainment
Are you more likely to attain a higher achievement in education?

Verbal Creativity
Do you posses natural learning in language?

Numeric and Figural Creativity
Are you a natural mathematician?

Working Memory Performance
Do you have a better memory than other colleagues in your workplace? Will your boss appreciate this? How your performance will be affected when it comes to work?

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