Our comprehensive DNA profiling allows you to get to the core of who you are, including your derma condition, the most effective diet regimes for your body, how you could manage your weight effectively and your muscle performance. Even which subjects or careers you may have an aptitude for. We provide easy-to-read online reports so you can have a glimpse of your genetic makeup, which makes you different and wholly unique.

Healthy Diet and Weight Management

Looking to lose a few pounds or completely transform your body? Take back the control of your body, eat healthier overall.



Understand your derma condition and complement yourself with customized skincare routines that help you look as young as you feel.



Boost your endurance and stamina to excel like never before.


Personality and Inborn Talents

Get to know your full potential.


Key Solutions Concepts

Predictive Genomics with Personalization for a better you

DNA holds the blueprint of how your body responds to the world around you. Because you're unique, the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approcah simply doesn't work. We're here to offer you wellness solutions designed specifically for you, which truly understand your body on the deepest level. Together, we'll uncover your personal path to a healthier lifestyle.

Integrated Wellness Assessments

Introducing DNA reports that know your bodies as well as you do-maybe even better. Take a simple DNA test and fill out a questionnaire; our scientists will use the lastest advances in predictive genomics, evaluating it with your personal lifestyle to identify your traits, needs, and potential.

Life-changing Products and Plans

We design a line of innovative, custom skincare products and nutritional supplements that can satisfy your needs in a very unique way. We create the perfect meal plan and fitness plan for you, so you can reach your wellness goals successfully.


Customized Solutions Designed by Top-notch Experts

Our Team - Our people power the future-because we only work with the best! Our scientists, medical experts, dietitians, psychologists, physiologists, beauty chemists and nutritional specialists are experts in their field, and they are the very cores of what we do.

Our Lab - We are proud to partner with world-class laboratories across the globe, all of which hold all essential certifications and accreditations. Together, we deliver DNA report services using cutting-edge technologies.

How It Works

We start by mailing you an easy-to-use collection kit. You'll have to register the kit and create a personal account, collect your DNA samples and complete your profile. After you returned the swabs back to us, we process your sample in out modern and state-of-the-art laboratory. In 4-6 weeks, your results will be available in your portal. Follow your recommendations and advices to lead a healthier life and receive customized meal plans, exercise schedules and healthcare products to complement what you need.

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