Look as young as you feel.

Looking for a perfect glow? This report explains how your skin and hair look, feel, and react to various conditions. While we can’t literally reverse the aging process, it is possible to identity the genetic strengths and weaknesses that contribute to it. Get the details you need to refine your everyday routine.

Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 70 DNA variants

  • ‑ Could your genes impact how quickly you age?
  • ‑ Are you more likely to wrinkle?
  • ‑ What’s the best approach to caring for your unique skin and hair?

This Beauty report helps you better understand your skin and hair so you can find the perfect ways to look your best:

Elasticity & Firmness
Your skin’s ability to regulate collagen production is a key factor for skin elasticity and firmness, which is essential to help you look as young as you age.

We all have different genetic capacities for skin aging. If you have genetic markers that indicate the potential for faster-than-normal skin aging, you can take additional steps to keep a healthy skin.

Skin Health
Is your skin sensitive to irritating factors like chemicals that cause inflammation? How well your skin can protect itself from environmental toxins, such as tobacco smoke and automobile emissions?

Sun Exposure
Everyone has different vulnerability to skin damages caused by sun exposure based on his or her genetic makeup.

Hair Traits
Will you experience hair loss or go gray early? Are your hair born to be straight or curly? Thick or thin? Discover what your genes have to say about your appearance and what you may be able to do about it.

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